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MyBeau Senior is a capsule nutritional supplement formulated for bone and joint health in dogs.

It contains bone health enhancing ingredients of Chondroitin & NZ Greenlipped Mussel and Omega and Multivitamins for health and vitality. The product is available in 100 capsule pack.

Use MyBeau Cat & Dog for:

  • Maintains bone and joint health at all life stages of cats & dogs
  • Fat & water soluble vitamins for replenishing & maintaining a healthy liver
  • Overall health and vitality

MyBeau Senior offers:

  • Economical and convenient feeding
  • Contains highly active Chondroitin & NZ Greenlipped Mussel for bone & joint health in senior dogs
  • Quality/high absorption rates (99.5% absorption rates)

Veterinarian opinion of MyBeau - Holistic Vets Tauranga, New Zealand

"The veterinary profession is increasingly aware of the valuable roles that nutritional supplements, especially vitamins and essential fatty acids, play in the general health and well-being of our patients. A good diet with the correct supplementation helps to provide a solid foundation of health and often bridges the gap from functioning normally to functioning optimally. This goes a long way helping to prevent disease and enhance the quality of an animal's life.

MyBeau has been an invaluable asset to my practice. Its formulation is excellent and it is very palatable making it easy to ensure compliance. I have no hesitation in recommending MyBeau not only as a useful tool for healthy joints but also as a vital aid to help in the maintenance of long-term health."

Sue Allen
Happy Customer

"We have a gorgeous Golden Retriever named Stella. She is 8 years old now and has been always been a very active dog, always on the run! She had been experiencing some stiffness when getting up from a lying position for the last year. She was low on energy and not her happy self. We started her on MyBeau Senior Vitamin & Mineral Supplement around 5 months ago and the difference has been nothing short of amazing!!
An added bonus - her coat is beautiful, so shiny and soft!! So, thank you MyBeau for your fabulous product, I recommend it to all animal lovers!!"

Why feed supplements?

Along with a balanced diet a good dietary supplement is required in order for your pet to avoid disease and ensure good health. Although a good balanced diet will provide a solid foundation, food alone cannot supply all of the nutrients necessary to fulfil their unique requirements. All animals have different nutritional requirement and factors such as age, activity level, environment, genetics and breed will greatly affect the absorption of nutrients from foods. It is therefore important to provide your pet with extra nutrients which will assist the body to successfully work, grow and develop properly.

Liquid supplements vs Powder supplements?

Solid vitamins are manufactured in pill or powder form and have been proven to only deliver 10-20% absorption rates while liquid supplements have up to 98% absorption rates so therefore offer more nutritional efficiency and value for money. Acknowledging the improved efficiency of liquid vitamins over solids it is also important to note that liquids also offer less waste and provide a far superior alternative.

What is MyBeau?

MyBeau is a 'world first' liquid multiviatmin and mineral supplement for cats and dogs. The unique formulation has been scientifically formulated by internationally renown scientists at Massey University and offers extraordinary absorption rates of 99.5%. MyBeau contains both fat & water soluble vitamins and minerals suspended in an enriched omega 3 & 6 base. It also contains flavourings of garlic, yeast & meat for high palatability.

What are the benefits of feeding MyBeau?

MyBeau offers your pet a unique combination of nutrients which will help improve skin & coat condition, assist with food utilisation & digestion, and help improve overall health & vitality. Recent Massey University trials have also PROVEN that MyBeau significantly improves the ability to fight infection & disease, enhanced endurance levels and reduces the amount of faecal output. MyBeau will also help with the reduction of furballs in cats.

Can I feed MyBeau with a veterinary prescribed diet?

MyBeau has been scientifically formulated to compliment all diets. However if your vet has recommended a strictly specialised diet and medication is involved, it may be best to seek further clarification before feeding MyBeau.

What is the difference between MyBeau & Exceed?

MyBeau has been scientifically formulated for the domestic cat & dog and Exceed has been formulated for the endurance dog. Exceed has slightly higher water soluble vitamins as the endurance dog sweats and urinates more and therefore requires a higher replacement level.

My dog / cat is a fussy eater. Will it like the product?

MyBeau contains flavourings of yeast, meat & garlic for high palatabiltiy. For very fussy eaters it is recommended to wipe a small amount of MyBeau either around the mouth or for cats on the paw. This will encourage the animal to lick it off and get familiar with the smell and taste.

How do I feed MyBeau & how often?

MyBeau has been formulated to be simply poured over a meal. However because the formulation is highly palatable it can be fed alone. For dogs, it is recommended that they are fed daily for 21 days as a BOOST and as MAINTENANCE three times weekly thereafter. It is recommended that cats are just fed three times a week.

Does MyBeau have a shelf life?

MyBeau has been formulated to have 24 months shelf life. It is however important to keep MyBeau below 24 degrees and out of direct sunlight. Many people keep it successfully stored in a refrigerator.

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