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As horses grow and naturally start ageing they lose some of their ability to repair and regenerate connective tissue and cartilage. palaMOUNTAINS® Equine Bone & Joint is a unique ‘world first’ bio-available Vitamin & Mineral Supplement which has been manufactured from ingredients that are key to the growth of healthy cartilage and the long-term maintenance of healthy joints.

The effectiveness of the key ingredients in our formulas; Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamins and Omega 3 & 6 has been proven through practical use by veterinarians, and also in many scientific studies published.

palaMOUNTAINS Equine Bone & Joint Ingredients

Including special ingredients:

Chondroitin Sulphate & Glucosamine Sulphate

Assists with joint care, cartilage and muscle growth.


Assists with cell growth and hoof condition

Carl Outen
The Oaks Stud, Cambridge, NZ

"By including Equine Bone & Joint in Darci Brahma’s daily diet we are making sure he’s getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs during his busy breeding season. It’s important he’s in peak condition, and Bone & Joint helps with that."

Russell Warwick
General Manager, Westbury Stud, NZ

The past racing season has been very kind to us again with the likes of Ruud Awakening, Mosse, Petty Cury, Crafty Irna, Charlestown, Albany Reunion, Comical Lass, Florid Affair, Later Gator and Tiger Moss who have all accredited themselves well on the racetrack and each having the benefit of being reared with Equine Bone and Joint as a part of their dietary intake on a daily basis.

Russell Warwick
Chief Executive Officer, Westbury Stud, Karaka, New Zealand

“One of the most noteworthy benefits that I attribute to Equine Bone & Joint is the very few number of OCD and cartilage issues we now experience in our yearlings when it comes to pre-sale x-rays of yearlings which is an important factor in the presentation and profitability of our horses we market at our sales."

I believe Equine Bone & Joint to be an essential part of our operation on a daily basis, and there are no doubts that horses such as Faltaat, Captain Rio, Postponed, II Quello Veloce, Crafty Irna, Rio Fortune, etc have benefited greatly from having access to the product. I could not recommend palaMOUNTAINS Equine Bone & Joint any higher, and would urge those looking to achieve the best results from their thoroughbred business to give consideration to the product.”

Sam Williams
LA Stud
Family Owned Business for 3 Decades

"We have found that we get great performance from our Stallions right throughout the whole season and they always look very healthy in the coat."

This is also very evident through the Yearling preparation in the shine of the coats."

Hazel Youngman & Printz
North Canterbury

"I started feeding palaMOUNTAINS-Equine Bone & Joint to my horse 14yo Printz early in September. Unfortunately two days after he started the dose he was entangled in a fence and was unrideable for just over two weeks. He wasn’t at peak fitness from sporadic riding over winter due to working full-time and had only just been coming back into work prior to the fence mishap.Last week I was able to recommence riding and I fully expected the usual lack of energy and fowardness that I get when Printz has had a bit of time out. I was surprised to find that there were no set-backs. He went forward off the leg at the slightest aid, took a lovely soft contact and worked ‘through’ a lot quicker than I have ever experienced. He has continued to remain this way and is so soft over the back that I am FINALLY able to sit to his trot - something that this amateur rider has never achieved before!I had my first lesson last weekend after a 2 month period without any and my trainer said Printz seemed much more free, especially behind the saddle and down through his back end. He certainly has a spring in his step at the moment but when he gets a bit ‘above himself’ he is much easier to re-focus, which is another avenue I have had trouble with in the past.I am very impressed with this product and it is going to remain in his everyday diet. I have tried various joint supplements over the two years I have owned Printz and none of them compare for value and absolute visual proof that palaMOUNTAINS-Equine Bone & Joint really does work!"

Mark Chittick
Waikato Stud
Five time winning NZ Breeder of the Year Award & Australasian Group One Breeder of the Decade

“The palaMOUNTAINS product is easy to use and covers the necessary health benefi ts required for the early stages of young thoroughbreds. It’s important to get balanced nutrition at a young age in order to gain the results later down the track.”

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