Sheep pre-lambing nutritional requirements

Prelamb is a crucial time to introduce key nutrients to support hormonal functions which directly influence embryo development, foetal growth and the viability of the new-born lamb.

Beef + Lamb (NZ) recommends orally dosing 200mgs of iodine at 4 and 8 weeks before lambing. It is further supported by research, which suggests that a deficiency in iodine results in higher perinatal lamb mortality rates (Sargison, West, et al 1998*).

During gestation (pre -lambing), there are two critical stages of foetal developmental at 8 and 4 weeks pre-lamb. Providing the ewe with high levels of essential nutrients, including vitamin E, selenium and iodine at these times will support the lamb’s developmental health and increase survival rates (Freer, 2002*).

Selenium and iodine work together and have a vital role in the mobilisation of brown adipose tissue, which aids in improving lamb survival (ADAS UK, 2014*). High stores of vitamin E are also required in the ewe to support immune function, and this is delivered to the lamb through the initial intake of colostrum.

The technology used in palaMOUNTAINS Revive, allowing solubilisation of nutrients assists in delivering and restoring levels of these essential nutrients in the body. palaMOUNTAINS Revive contains a comprehensive range of nutrients including; Omegas, B group and A, D, E vitamins and minerals as standard, trace elements (selenium, iodine) can be provided as per the on-farm pre-lambing requirements. Providing a 99.5% absorption rate (Massey University, 2004) by enhancing cellular uptake in the gut, ensuring your in-lamb ewes get the full benefit of these crucial nutrients.

Sheep Feeding Programme

What to feed your herd and when:

palaMOUNTAINS Sheep Feeding Programme
Pre lambing nutrition

Revive Pre Lambing Ewes:
Optional - 30mls (8 weeks prior):

Iodine Beef & Lamb suggest 2 x iodine 4 + 8 weeks pre-lamb. (Beef & Lamb recommended).
Cobalt Synthesis of Vitamin B12 (energy & protein metabolism) and prevents lamb mortality.
Provides vitamin B12 to the lamb until 3 weeks of age.
Copper Bone development, fleece development and protects the integrity of the immune system. Protect lambs who are most susceptible to copper deficiency until 10 weeks of age.

Pre lambing nutrition

Revive for Pre Lambing Ewes:
Essential - 30mls (4 weeks prior)

Iodine Protects lambs against Goitre, increases birth weights & temperature tolerance of the lamb. (Beef & Lamb recommended)  
Selenium for regular heats, better ovulation & embryo fertilisation.
Phosphorus decreases silent heats, irregular heats & low conception.

Sheep docking nutrition

Revive for Docking Lambs:
Essential - 10mls

Vitamin B12 (1mg) Improves growth rates and weight gains by providing energy for protein metabolism. (Beef & Lamb recommended).
Selenium improves growth rates. (Beef & Lamb recommended).

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Lamb weaning nutrition

Revive for Weaning Lambs:
Essential - 20mls

Vitamin B12 (2mg) Improves growth rates and weight gains by providing energy for protein metabolism.

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Lamb weaning nutrition

Revive for Ewes at Weaning:
Optional - 30mls for dag & parasite reduction

Cobalt, Iodine, Copper and Selenium.
- Beef & Lamb suggest 3rd dose.
Milk thistle – for liver health & recovery (where Eczema is prevalent).

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Sheep pre-mating

Essential Pre Mating Ewes:
30ml Drench

Iodine For increased reproductive performance. (Beef & Lamb recommended).
Selenium For increased embryo survival. (Beef & Lamb recommended).
Milk Thistle for liver health & recovery (where Eczema is prevalent).

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