palaMOUNTAINS Revive for Deer

Nil Withholding Period

For Deer
5L, 20L pack or 100L drum

palaMOUNTAINS Revive Special Ingredients

palaMOUNTAINS Revive is scientifically formulated to deliver a powerful dose of the full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for improved animal health and well-being.

palaMOUNTAINS Revive has been formulated and trialled for over 5 years; the improvement to stock health from farm trials is truly worth you looking at implementing into your yearly drenching programme.

palaMOUNTAINS Revive contains back to basic natural ingredients with a high absorption rate, what goes in stays in to benefit your stock. They will utilise their feed better, converting it to energy for quicker weight gains and enhanced on farm production.

palaMOUNTAINS products are formulated and ingredients extensively researched by Massey University’s Food Scientists primarily to support the nutritional requirements of animal health.  They include Omega 3, 6 & 9, B Group Vitamins including Biotin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid; Vitamins A, D, E & C, Selenium,  Electrolytes and Minerals;  providing an absorption rate of 99.5%.

Revive for Deer includes a FREE Copper boost of 30mg per 30mls.

Feeding Directions:

Weaner Deer (up to 70kg): 20mls as required.

70-120kg body weight drenching programme 3 x 30mls dose.

Large Deer (200kg +): 60mls as required.

Andrew Stokes, The Ranch Oxford

David & Jackie Stodart - Te Anau

“We drenched all our deer with Revive once during the season and found we were able to send lighter animals away early for higher prices. Our velvet stags averaged last year 4.37kg and this years average is 5.14kg. This is a 77gm increase for $9.62 per animal. We found Revive extremely helpful in young weaner deer to give them a much needed boost.

Throughout our entire farming operation Revive has been very helpful with our overall stock health and performance.”

Bruce Shield - Sefton

“In over 30 years of deer farming I have never seen my animals look so good. The reason for this I put down to the introduction this year of palaMOUNTAINS REVIVE which we have used since the Autumn.We have had shiny coats, no fence walking, scours or deaths.

With a zero mortality rate and overall improved yield we obtained a return on our investment of 18.11 times. REVIVE is easy to use, I have mixed it with feed or drenched, and am more than happy with its performance.”

8 extra deer (no deaths) purchase price $200, slaughter price $400  = $4800

Drafts: 20 average increase 7kg @ $8.75  = $1225

26 average increase 4kg @ $8.50  =   $884

30 average increase 4kg @ $8.00  = $960

27 average increase 3kg @ $7.30  =  $591

Draft Increase: $3660Total returns including extra deer: $8460

Expenses: 1 x 20l Revive @ $467 which giving a return on investment of 18.11 times

Bill Hales - Hanmer Springs

“I have used REVIVE this winter, mixing it with the hinds silage and drenching the weaners. From this programme we have had an extra $37,000 income this year, coming from an investment of $2,775.00. So that’s a 1345% return on capital invested, as you can imagine I’m pretty happy with that.”

Mark Hames - Te Anau

“All our velveting stags were drenched 60ml REVIVE at button drop and 30ml prior to regrowth. Our results have been fantastic with a 20% increase over the average of the last three seasons. Good comments were also received regarding the quality. We are very happy with REVIVE which we will continue using next season.”

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Deer Feeding Programme

What to feed your herd and when:

Hinds: 30ml

Include: Iodine, Selenium & Copper where deficiencies exist.

Hinds: 30 ml

Include: Iodine to prevent goitre and Selenium to assistgrowth rates in fawns.

Weaner Deer: 20 ml

To assist with weight gains, reducing stress & post weaning losses.
Include: B12 and/or Copper when deficiencies exist.

Weaners: 20ml

To assist with weight gains.
Include: B12 and/or Copper when known deficiencies exist.

Stags: 30-60 ml

To assist with increasing velvet growth.
Include: Copper where deficiencies exist.

Stags: 30-60 ml

Aids in recovery, regrowth and stress reduction.
Include: Copper where deficiencies exist.