palaMOUNTAINS Max Plus

Nil Withholding Period

For Cows
200L drum or 1000L pod

Maximise herd potential with increased absorption.

PalaMOUNTAINS Max Plus has been scientifically developed to assist nutrient uptake & absorption. It contains essential vitamins and minerals to help meet the production needs of your herd throughout the season. The patented oil formulation increases absorption rates when herd metabolism is high, enhancing productivity, feed uptake and overall health.

The palaMOUNTAINS Max Plus formulation contains high levels of Vitamin A, D & E along with Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Biotin and Phosphate, Max Plus contains a standard level of Iodine, Selenium and Cobalt. The mineral levels are focused on replacing the actual needs of each cow to maximise their output and minimise losses.

This formulation is suited to dairy farms producing less than 500kgs milk solids.

Why use Max Plus?

As your cows reach different levels of production throughout the year they need different levels of vitamins and minerals. It’s important that we replace these nutrients that get used throughout production to assist with herd fertility, production longevity and overall health.

palamountains Max Plus can help replace those lost nutrients and also supply trace elements where needed to assist with your herd health.

Vitamin E has a large impact on immunity...

"Selenium, B12 and Phosphorus are the most deficient minerals in dairy cows. They have a huge impact on health, production and longevity within a herd. Vitamins A, D & E have been decreasing quickly over the last few seasons as long droughts at the end of the season rob cows of the essential basics they would normally get from grass.
Vitamin E has a large impact on immunity and more and more diseases that are stress related are infiltrating our dairy industry. Theileria, Johne’s Disease and Mycoplasma bovis are diseases that are symptomatic when cows are stressed or immunity impaired."
TRACY MCGOWAN - BeauxDooney Nutrition, Independent Nutritionist

Replace what is used...

Along with vitamins and other essential nutrients, Max Plus Gold & Standard also include:

Selenium - Essential mineral to aid in many areas over the season by increasing resistance to disease and is one of the most under rated minerals in New Zealand. It is required for growth and fertility and assists in the prevention of health issues like mastitis and calf scours.It also plays a major role in mating for regular heats, ovulation and fertilisation.Post calving selenium specifically aids in reducing metabolic issues like retained fetal membranes.

Cobalt - Essential in the production of B12, which plays a major role in decreasing risk of ketosis in early calving and peak milk, one of the worst diseases in New Zealand. The main role of vitamin B12 is to help with digestion of fibre in the rumen (cellulose).

Phosphate - One of most deficient minerals post drought or a high starch/carb diet. Essentially phosphorus is involved in every metabolic reaction and energy transfer within the cows’ body. It is required for normal milk production, growth and feed utilisation in the rumen by micro-organisms in the digestion of cellulose and synthesis of microbial protein.

Biotin - Required to help the cow process amino acids, to make propionic acid into glucose for energy and to help make fat from acetate. Also plays a role in hoof health and hoof hardening. The higher the milk yield, the more biotin your cow needs.

The way we use phosphate needs to change and why it’s included...

"In my experience every herd of cows that we have added phosphate to their diets, the cows have visibly grown bigger. Even cows as old as 13 years will grow larger skeletons when dietary phosphate deficiencies are corrected. This shows that our pasture-based system has some deficiencies that will never meet the modern genetics of our cows. In a nutshell, genetics have outgrown the pastures ability to provide sufficient nutrients."

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