palaMOUNTAINS Equine Show Off

Nil Withholding Period

A non-heating multi-vitamin & mineral liquid supplement to assist
with skin, coat & hoof condition, performance, digestion, fertility
and overall health.

palaMOUNTAINS® Equine ShowOff offers a unique blend of
Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids while also providing the important water (B vitamins) and fat (A, D, E) soluble vitamins at 99.5% absorption rates with flavourings of yeast & garlic for high palatability. Safe to be fed to weanlings and upwards.

palaMOUNTAINS Equine ShowOff Ingredients

Including special ingredients:


Assists with nerve and muscle function while helping with calmness and recovery.


Assists with cell growth, essential for breeding mares and hoof condition

Mathijs van Asten wins Luxity Prize at Outdoor Gelderland, The Netherlands

Dutch equestrian Mathijs van Asten on friday won the Luxity Prize international show jumping class at acclaimed Dutch equestrian event Outdoor Gelderland. With his horse Credence Z (Catanga Z) van Asten proved unbeatable in the 1.50 Against the Clock heat. For months van Asten has been supplementing his horses with palaMOUNTAINS products and the results are showing. palaMOUNTAINS proudly congratulates Mathijs van Asten with his big win and is looking forward to see more of his good form at other events.

Stenfert wins Grand Prize Zeltweg

Dutch rider Jurgen Stenfert sunday won the grand prize in sunny Zeltweg in Austria.Stenfert competed with his 10 year old mare BMC Voirrellinde JJ (Oramé x Holland). With a total number of 55 contestants, only nine combinations managed to qualify for the finals. Stenfert rode seventh in line and performed a flawless and fast round, winning him first place. Swiss rider Niklaus Schurtenberger came in second place and his fellow countrymen Werner Muff and Beat Mändli both had to settle for penalty points.

“My horses compete at an international level and that is why I supplement their diet with palaMOUNTAINS products. They are performing well and look fantastic. By nature I’m a sceptical man and I doubted if Palmountains was able to make good on its promises. There are so many products on the market and they all claim to be the best, I can safely say that palaMOUNTAINS sells legitimate products which have proven their value to me in more ways than one. An added bonus is the all-in-one formula which is very practical when you run a large stable like mine. I highly recommend these products to any equestrian who takes his sport and horses seriously and is looking for no-nonsense quality supplements”

Yvonne Shanks
Yearling Manager
Waikato Stud, Matamata, New Zealand

"The yearling appearance was outstanding, finishing up the preparation for the sale."

Waikato Stud operates on two farms totalling 1000 acres, in which we operate with five stallions and approximately 600 mares. In addition we also prepare 80 yearlings for the National Karaka Sales and William Inglis Easter sales. After using Equine ShowOff for only one season I found that it was an easy management, result producing, cost effective product, enabling the feeding ration to be simple with no bulk supplement required to be added. The yearling appearance was outstanding, finishing up the preparation for the sale. The yearlings look good from the inside out, with no requirement to use any extra products on their coats.

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